A story of one woman bravely reclaiming her life.


Learn how Leanne Tibiatowski transformed trauma
into clarity, inner peace, and newfound joy – through surfing, EDMR, and sisterhood.


Learn tools to trailblaze the inner landscape of trauma + ignite transformation…

Follow my story. Find inspiration. Access resources.

This is a first-person description of what life is like with an unresolved trauma…


Follow along for a candid story that describes how my life fell apart on the outside, and how I rebuilt it from the inside out. You will gain insight, learn valuable tools, and access resources and research to help you or someone you know to understand and navigate trauma.

I’m putting it all out there by speaking truth, answering questions and braving the wildness of vulnerability as a way to help myself and others. 

Questions Answered on In2Clarity:


What is Delayed Onset Complicated PTSD?

How does suppressed and unresolved trauma show up in life?

Why would anyone choose to be silent after a violation?

What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), who is it for and how does it work?

What is surf therapy and why does it work?

What is trauma and why is it so important to talk about?

How does one support an individual who is going through an unexpected trauma?

How does one get help and support for your individual trauma, grief, and loss?

“Vulnerability, diligent self-observation, and loving self-compassion helped me turn pain into possibility.”

If you are someone you love is struggling with trauma, this is for you…

It’s time to talk about trauma, mental health, and the path to liberation from the grip of the past. I share vulnerably to normalize the very human experience of integrating pain and traumatic memories. 

You are not alone.
It is possible to reclaim your life!  One brave step at a time.

When you face yourself, you will find your freedom!

Sending gentle waves of love,